MAR Insider Lists.

Formity’s Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) solution automates and streamlines insider list maintenance.
Saving you the time whilst ensuring you remain compliant.

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Automated Insider Acknowledgement

Insiders will receive a copy of the share dealing code, an explanation of their legal & regulatory duties, and a link to acknowledge their insider status via e-signature.

Automated Reminders

Regular reminders to insiders to acknowledge their insider status so you don't have to. With a full exportable audit history for the financial authorities to prove all reasonable steps have been taken.


Your data is stored on a dedicated encrypted database hosted with Amazon Web Services (ISO 27001 certified). Is so secure even we can't access it!

Multiple Companies

You can manage insiders for multiple companies at no additional cost, pricing is simply done on the total number of insiders.

Cessation notifications

Automated communication notifying an insider when their position ceases.


You can easily tag, filter and report on your data in Excel and PDF format.

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Pricing Information.

MAR Insiders are billed monthly. Once the number is exceeded for a tier, pricing shifts to the next for the remaining MAR Insiders. Ceased insiders are billed at a flat fee of £0.05 per month.

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What is MAR?

Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) came into effect on 3 July 2016 and is an EU regulation on market abuse which aims to safeguard the integrity of financial markets and improve investors’ protection on and confidence in the markets. MAR places an obligation on AIM listed companies and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated entities to maintain a list of all persons that have access to inside information.

The FCA can demand firms subject to MAR provide them with a copy of their insider lists.